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6 Best Courses to Learn About the Stock Market in India

The stock market can be utilized as a different source of supplementary income, particularly for millennials. On the stock market, however, earning profits and the danger of losses go hand in hand.

Most individuals who are new to financial markets have several questions. Out of these questions, one is how different traders and investors manage to continuously make investments in the stock industry despite the danger involved. Having a solid foundation of information and staying up to date on the price of shares is the answer.

Following the same, a considerable population is looking for better courses to learn stock marketing.

Here are some of the best courses to learn about the Stock Market in India – 

1. Unnati by MOSE: Motilal Oswal School of Entrepreneurship

The Motilal Oswal Group launched the Motilal Arvind School of Entrepreneurship. It is a very effective program for current and potential business owners interested in earning from the stock market.

Unnati is the certificate program course in the finance industry for the stock broking business that will turn you into a competent and skilled Entrepreneur in just eight weeks. The course includes online webinars, classroom education, and branch visits for live training.

The Unnati program will help you with the aspects related to knowledge, skills, and business concepts of the stock markets.

The course covers the scope for beginners and those experienced in the stock market. Plus, the best part is that the company offers 100% money-back if you choose to join them as a partner. Click here to know more about this Unnati Program from Motilal Oswal.

choose to join them as a partner. Click here to know more about this Unnati Program from Motilal Oswal.

Stock Market Courses by MOSE offer the following benefits –

1. They offer 100 percent cashback for the course if you become their partner

2. The course structure includes nine weeks of training with classroom learning, webinars, field training, etc.

3. 100% money back if you join them as a partner.

2. Certificate courses by the Bombay stock exchange

Mumbai is home to the Indian stock exchange known as BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). With a transmission speed of 6 microseconds, the BSE offers one of India’s biggest stock market training facilities.

The BSE was India’s first and oldest stock market exchange and provides a wide range of courses under its umbrella. These courses are recognized through certifications from BSE and cover the fundamentals of capital markets.

By enrolling in these courses, you will have a sufficient understanding of the stock market and can analyze when to buy and sell stocks. The course gives the students the practical skills they need to conduct wealth-building equities market research.

Live online classes feature projects and quizzes and therefore are engaging and educational.

Some of the best features of the courses offered by BSE are –

1. For query resolution while learning, BSE provides one of the best query rooms’ that help in resolving queries and initiates peer-to-peer learning.

2. The course is affordable and widely recognized.

3. Online courses by Skillshare

A leading online community and learning platform is called Skillshare, where industry experts and working people instruct the courses. The course’s material is divided into manageable chapters that contain practical exercises.

Anyone who joins Skillshare can look up courses taken or even offer to teach classes. There are a myriad of top share market courses in India available on Skillshare. The online stock market classes there cover a wide range of investment strategies, subjects, and resources.

The best part about Skillshare is that they have several specialized courses that address specific issues. Students can try Skill Share for free for two months. Therefore, one can use the site and its content for two months before deciding whether to subscribe or discontinue using it.

The subscription option offered by Skill Share allows you to take as many courses as you like without having to worry about running out of credit. Deluxe yearly membership fees are the same amount per person as a group subscription.

Courses by Skillshare are popular among people because they offer the following perks –

1. 2-month free trial

2. A special board of discussion to understand things better and resolve doubts

3. One-year free membership to selected students via scholarship

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of the courses offered by Skillshare is that one cannot operate it on their mobile phones as their software does not support android or ios. Therefore, one must have a laptop to access the course.

4. Stock Market Courses by Coursera

One of the top global online education platforms to hone our talents and discover our hobbies is Coursera.

Coursera has partnered with more than 200 top universities and businesses to offer flexible, affordable, career-relevant online learning to people and organizations all around the world. From prestigious colleges and organizations, Coursera provides online courses and degrees.

Several quizzes beneath projects are available in the premium courses, and upon completion, students receive a shareable certificate.

A good score in Coursera is roughly 70%. One cannot advance to the next session until one finishes the prior session. Missing the deadline results in higher expenses. The best category of share trading courses offered in India are in basic investing and portfolio management.

Courses by Coursera offers several perks, such as –

1. Discussion rooms for doubt solving

2. Many free courses, including scholarships and financial aid

3. Progress monitoring system

However, it does not provide active knowledge sharing; one can simply access the material and study accordingly, as the courses are self-paced.

5. Stock Trading Courses by Udemy

One of the world’s leading platforms promoting teaching and learning is Udemy. It is an incredible resource to gain access to a variety of stock market courses. On Udemy, you may find classes on different subjects in over 65 languages. Although there are many courses on this platform that are offered for free, the best courses will mostly be paid. .

Learners can filter the courses on Udemy based on the course’s length and rating. If you have a steep inclination towards learning about the stock market, it is an affordable and reliable resource to hone your skills. However, Udemy does not offer accredited degrees or certifications, so don’t prefer it for academic purposes.

Stock Trading Courses by Udemy have the following features

1. The price range is very affordable. It ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000.

2. Once you purchase a course, you get free lifetime access.

3. It has an app that is supported by both android and ios.


For individuals who are unfamiliar with the markets, a stock market education is essential. Some of the programs can give students a fundamental understanding of the workings, jargon, and hazards of the market, preparing them for trading or investing.

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