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Life of a day trader. How to start and earn daily?

Those days are gone when a traditional “Trader” was a rare personality who used to trade on behalf of so many people and mostly worked at huge financial institutions. With so many emerging technologies and applications, so many people have started trading. But are all of them aware of all the risks and rewards associated with Trading?

Are you also interested in Trading? Looking forward to starting and earning daily? Well, you have come to the right spot. We have all the essential information that you will need to start your day trading.

If you start your day trading job with proper planning and strategies, and study market trends – you can also become a day trader, a successful day trader. For that, you will need knowledge of a few basic things and after that, with experience, you will be able to make your career successful in the field. Remember, even well seasoned pro day traders can also hit a rough patch. Ups and downs are just the curves of the successful graph.

Let’s start with, What are the basics of Day Trading?

Day Trading:

It is when you buy and/ or sell securities within a short span of time, which can vary from a few seconds to a day. There is no investing or traditional investing knowledge experienced. The most commonly associated day trading is related to stock markets as well as foreign exchange. So everything related to forex-currency trading is there.

You might have come across various highly educated as well as well-funded day traders. Most of them might also have additional skills including risking higher stakes in order to leverage more profit.

Are you wondering about Day Traders’ income? 

Well, the short answer would be – dependable. It is because everyone has different mindsets and makes their own decisions based on their understanding of that particular situation. But, a well-seasoned day trader can earn so much more profit, even in just a day.

Not just pro players, a novice day trader can also start earning more than 5000/- rupees per day. Additionally, if you happen to be interested in the field, you can surely make more than that!

So, How to Become a Day Trader?

1. Assess Yourself for Trading Knowledge

In order to become a successful day trader, one needs a combination of skills, traits, knowledge, and interest in trading. Along with that, one might also need to adapt to behavioral psychology, mathematical analysis, market trends, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

You will also need to work long hours in the beginning and also show better risk-taking abilities while starting out as a day trader. Being mentally prepared and able to self-learn day-to-day market trends, will be additional benefits for you as a day trader.

You can check out this amazing stock market learning course from a leading brokerage firm of our country for a start. This course not only teaches you all the basics and a few advanced tips, but will also provide you with live training sessions in the guidance of seasoned traders.

2. Funds

To start any business/ work, one needs to have sufficient funds. There is no business that will start generating profits right away. Firstly, you have to pour funds in, and give your best shot – then you can think about earning from that specific business.

When it comes to trading, profit and loss are the two sides of a coin. More often than profit, losses are going to be there. But it is all, as we know, part of the game. Undoubtedly, beginners can start with small amounts of funds, but be sure to have sufficient funds to rely on.

3. Market Trends

Knowledge of market trends is essential in order to understand how the market works. Even the smallest and simplest details make all the difference. One needs to be in the know of all the latest news and happenings, as they directly affect the market.

Having said that, one also needs to cover all the basics as well as international trends in mind. So that it will help you plan out a unique strategy. Along with that, you will also need to learn more about various brokerage charges in order to earn every day. There are various higher volume plans, unlimited plans, and more – look into it.

4. Strategy and Backups

In the trading business, it is essential to have more than one backup strategy. In case of failure, you can rely on the backup and keep trading rather than giving up. As you gain experience, you will learn about a lot of strategies, which you can keep in your spare and become a successful day trader.

Moreover, keep in mind that not all strategies get you toward winning. A strategy that earned you a ton of profit, might have not gone so well for someone else. It is all about applying the right strategy at the right time.

5. Start Smaller

Of course, all novice traders dream of becoming pro players, but not everyone can do it. It may be because most people think that if they go big, they will succeed. But that’s not the case. Starting smaller is the key to success. If you start small, you will gradually learn more about various market traits.

Think of it this way: if you start big and, by any chance, it fails – you will lose everything on the first try itself. Hence, in the beginning, try out various strategies in a smaller capacity and see how it goes.

Closing Note

Aspiring traders who dream of being in the League of Pro players can surely chase their dreams, and so much more beyond that. With time, they can learn as well as earn more as they gain insightful knowledge of market trends and strategies.

If you are one of those novice traders who is thinking of quitting your job to start day trading – firstly ask yourself: Do you have what it takes? Because consistency and motivation are both among the important qualities which will take you a long way. Be assured and jump into the ocean of day trading! Good luck!

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